Literacy and Numeracy Interventions

Literacy Intervention

There are 26 letters within the English alphabet and there are 44 sounds/ phonemes for these 26 letters and there is more than 500 different ways to spelling these phonemes.

As there are a variety of different phonemes and sounds within the English language it can confuse many children with learning difficulties. Through understanding the etymology of certain phonemes and spelling generalisation it has assisted many individuals and students to understanding the English language.

The Better Multisensory literacy intervention program explicitly teaches in a sequential format these individual phonemes and spelling generalisations. By explicitly teaching students the rules to the English language they feel confident in their reading and writing.
The lessons incorporate a range of multisensory tools and techniques to reinforce learning and make the information for engaging for the student.

Numeracy Intervention

Numeracy contains both a literacy component as well as a mathematical component.

The Better Multisensory Numeracy intervention program focuses on how to explicitly teach the foundational rules to mathematics as well as the specific words associated with numeracy. For example, there are many words for add, these include, plus and altogether.

The program also entails using a range of multisensory tools and techniques to reinforce learning.

Comprehension Intervention

For some children, teens, and adults, reading comprehension can be very challenging. For some students they are unable to understanding the main topic, how to inference, drawing conclusions and summarise texts, novels, and stories.

The Better Multisensory Comprehension intervention program specifically teaches the strategies on how to inference, draw conclusions as well as how to summarise texts.

Writing Intervention

Spelling is just a component of writing. There is also understanding grammatical and punctuation rules, understanding the structures to writing, from sentences to paragraph along with essay formations.

Each level of writing is explicitly taught in a directional format to provide a level of scaffolding to assist with writing.

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